My Story

Hello, and welcome

I'm Ruth Hollick.

I am one of four children raised in 1970’s South Yorkshire. I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mum, a friend.

I wasn’t always a jeweller – I have a degree in Linguistics, and for many years I was a primary school teacher.

I was a pretty good teacher, and I’d been lucky to have some fabulous (funny, caring, inspiring) colleagues. But I was unhappy – there seemed to be so little time for the children once the paperwork was complete, and my own children were definitely taking a back seat.

After yet another tearful phonecall to my long-suffering friend Helen, and in a bid to try and regain a little work-life balance, I took a deep breath and enrolled in evening classes to learn jewellery-making. I rediscovered a long-buried creative flair. Lucky me – I found something I truly love to do.

As commissions came in, I gradually grew my business and slowly left teaching. I still attend college every week – my course-mates are so much more than that – they are my treasured jewellery friends. The studio at college is my new staffroom!

I am so lucky to now design and make beautiful jewellery full-time. Everything I make is created by hand in my own studio in the lovely village of Hamstall Ridware in Staffordshire.


My Name

Mayflower Bespoke Jewellery shares a name with my first school, Bawtry Mayflower Primary School. The school is named after local Pilgrim Fathers who travelled to the new world on their ship the 'Mayflower'.  What better name to choose for my adventure in metalsmithing than one so linked to new lives and exploration?

My Mission

I understand that time is precious, and that finding jewellery that is 'just right' can feel like a mammoth task. I want to gift my friends and family something special, I want them to know I care. And that is what I have in mind every time I talk to my customers.

I know you want that too.
I specialise in unique, bespoke commissions, helping you to turn thoughts and ideas into stunning reality. There is nothing more satisfying than working with my customer to find out exactly what they would like to say (and show) in their bespoke commission. I love to listen, take time to understand, and work hard to provide a very personal, first-class service.

I can't wait to work with you!

Bespoke Orders

My Bespoke Orders page tells just some of the wonderful stories behind the pieces I have been lucky enough to make - and there are lots more stories to come. I can work with you to design a piece to your requirements, or suggest a design for you if you are in need of inspiration. Consultations take place either at my studio, on the telephone or via email.

Workshops and Ready-to-Wear

I love to host small-group and 1:1 workshops, in which I can show you how to make your own jewellery. Workshops are a really enjoyable way to spend some quality time creating - a very calming process. I also have a select range of beautiful ready-to-wear pieces on display at my studio, and at Ingleby Gallery, near Melbourne in Derbyshire .